The Tattoo Terminator is a revolutionary new tattoo removal machine which is twice as powerful as the older removal machines available. This means tattoos can be removed in as little as 2-3 sessions!* Less treatment time for your customers. We challenge you to find a tattoo removal machine as powerful!

The equipment has a red beam for accurate aiming and is able to target black, blue, red, brown and green pigmentation (more difficult), using x2 removal heads. The machine also boasts a carbon resurfacing facial head, to gently eliminate blocked pours and black heads leaving a fresh new skin surface.

Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tools for effectively removing complex and multi-coloured tattoos. With multi-wavelength, Q-Switched lasers with frequency-doubled KTP are uniquely able to produce very short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of skin to be selectively absorbed by treatment-specific pigments. with short nano-pulses, the Tattoo Terminator is able to effectively remove tattoos with no injury to normal tissue and remove pigmentation without side effects or scars. It can also remove pigmentation formed by pathological changes in the skin, such as dermis spots, flecks, black nevus, age pigmentation, birthmarks and Nevus of Ota on the skin. It can safely remove most kinds of semi-permanent / permanent makeup, such as lip liner and eyebrows.

*dependent on tattoo sizing, age, depth and colours
**Warranty for 300,000 shots


Less treatment time, less pain
Up to 1600mJ per pulse
Large spot size - treat tattoos in as little
as 2-3 sessions!
High Speed Nd-YAG Q-Switched Laser
Tattoo Removal
Red beam for accurate aiming
German ergonomic design
USA Imported lamps with over
500,000 shots!**

Tattoo Terminator - Q-Switch Nd-YAG KTP laser tattoo removal - double Rods / YAG bars
for double power output to effectively remove tattoos in as little as 2-3 sessions
without any tissue damage

All LaserLux medical lasers are CE marked and cleared for sale in the EU. For countries where specific approvals or clearances are required (for example by the FDA in the United States), some of the products and/or applications may not have been cleared yet. Similarly, local patents may limit usage for certain technologies and applications. Please check with your local or national regulatory body to find out whether a specific product or application is available for sale and use in your country.

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